When you're looking for a sports team for your child, we know you have plenty of choices. What you're really looking for is a growth experience. It's important to understand your child's end goal, and to develop their ultimate potential both on and off the field. Whether you're grooming a collegiate athlete, or your child is just playing for fun - you've come to the right place to bring out their best.

We Believe In The Fundamentals

Confidence. Playing as a Team. Offense & Defense. Having Fun.

Who We Are

As a parent of a young athlete, you appreciate how dedicated coaching combined with a fun environment can make all the difference. We produce a sports camp experience that your child will talk about for years.

Each of our coaches has guided their own kids up through the ranks of youth sports with great success. In many cases, they've coached their own kids' teams - so they know first-hand how you feel. Your athlete will rave about their summer when they spend it playing sports with Louisiana Titans Softball.

The Desoto Titans are a non profit organization based out of North Louisiana. We do not discriminate against race nor religion. Our organization strives in building athletes in our community and surrounding areas.

Vision of the Louisiana Titans

To provide an avenue for young ladies to pursue their aspiration of Collegiate
softball by teaching the proper fundamentals of the game, as well as the mental
awareness it takes to compete. In doing so it is our goal to afford these young
athletes a safe haven to learn some of life’s most difficult lessons, such as how to
handle adversity, dedication, determination, responsibility, accountability, as well
as becoming selfless athletes.

We expect LA TITANS athletes to DOMINATE both on and off of the softball
field in all that they do by doing things the right way. We firmly believe it’s a
standard and a culture that has to be set and is driven from within our
organization and the coaches on a daily basis.

Coaches’ Expectations

We feel that the coaches are the most vital part of our success. You are the
faces of the organization when at tourneys as well as every day. Once again I
believe it’s driven by setting a standard and holding everyone accountable to it.
Some of these musts that we expect out of our coaches:

  • Teach kids how to WIN and LOSE
  • Manage overall operations of team and season
  • Maintain a business type relationship (parent/coach) with all parents
  • Each head coach should appoint a manager. This person should be the liaison between parents and coaches. This person should also handle the daily operations with running a team (paying entry fees, reserving hotels, etc.) as well as handling the financial aspects of the team.
  • We WILL watch social media and any trash talking, unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated. We have always and will continue to take the high road in all situations. Winning in the end that way is much sweeter.

Parent Expectations

  • Be the TEAM’S biggest fan
  • Cheer for all kids, not just Little Suzy
  • NEVER yell negative things at the umpires, players, opposing teams, etc
  • Professional behavior at all times as TITANS. Once again, once they
    commit to being TITANS, they are always representing.
  • We WILL watch social media and call out anyone that is stepping outside of
    the lines.

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Athlete Expectations

  • ATTITUDE and EFFORT should be the main two focus points.
  • Shirts tucked ALWAYS if it says TITANS. Regardless of where they are or
    what they are doing.
  • These kids will be looked at by peers as being on another level and will be
    held to a higher standard.
  • TITANS should be confident but HUMBLE athletes.
  • They should understand how to WIN as a champion and how to LOSE as a

Our History

2021–2010 We currently manage a total of 28 teams. (5-baseball teams, 4-south Louisiana softball teams, 2- east Texas softball teams, and 17-north Louisiana softball teams) 2014 - The Desoto Titans expanded coaches and players and were up to 7 teams from 8u to 14U. 2013 - In four short years the Desoto Titans expanded to 5 teams. 2012 - The Desoto Titans expanded from 2 to 4 teams. 2011  - The coaching team expanded and went from 1 to 2 teams. 2010 – The Desoto Titans were established toward raising the skill level of kids.